Advanced: CRM

Tired of trying to manage all of your clients and prospective clients in a dusty old file folder buried somewhere at the office? We've got an easier way. Use LMN's Customer Relationship Management tool to keep your most important information in one place and accessible at any time.
Your client management abilities will all but make or break your business. We've created a system that takes the headache out of this oh so important aspect of your work and we've made it as easy as possible for you to maintain moving forward.
Sure you could keep building that stack of paperwork or rolodex of client info, but why would you?
Manage your customers better!


Step 1: Intro to CRM

Adding and tracking leads has never been so easy. This newest functionality of LMN keeps your customer and lead contact information in one spot. Track leads and customers, assigns sales or account managers to a lead, and so much more. Here are a few milestones you should be keeping in mind during this step:

  • Setting up referral sources
  • Setting up leads/client tags
  • Adding your first client/lead
  • Importing leads/clients from a spreadsheet
  • Exporting clients/leads to a spreadsheet


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