Advanced: Field Staff Training

Staff, new and old require training. Whether it has to do with client interaction, new equipment on the job or in this case, software! Knowing this, we've tried to make it as easy as possible to provide Field Staff Training to get your team up and running in no time.
Get your crew out in the field where they belong!
Software training that works for you.

Field Staff Training

Step 1: LMN Time – Foreman Install & Settings

Training video for LMN Time, the timesheet software for landscape crews.

Please download the LMN Time app (for iOS & Android) via the buttons below prior to watching the video and login to the app (using the same procedure as seen in the video for the website). Then begin by setting up your crew.


Step 2: LMN Time – Foreman Basics
Step 3: LMN Time – Foreman Advanced
Step 4: LMN Time – Foreman LMN Pro

LMN Time – Foreman Guide to Using LMN Time App


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