Advanced: LMN Time - Mobile App Training

Now your crews can clock in, clock out, switch jobs & submit timesheets without ever having to put a pen or pencil to paper. LMN Time allows your crews to keep track of their time without the hassle of extra paperwork, while giving you the assurance that their time and your money is being managed properly.
Throw out that old photocopier and stack of tracked hours.
Running your business just went mobile.

Mobile App Training

Step 1: Basic App Training

This video covers the basics of using the new LMN Time App. Watch this video to learn to clock in, switch jobs, clock out, and submit your timesheets.


  • LMN Time Setup Guide - DOWNLOAD
  • How Do I Manually Create A Timesheet (Admin-Browser Login)? - VIEW
  • How Do I Add A Missing Employee On A Timesheet? - VIEW
Step 2: Advanced App Training

This video is designed to help foreman use the more advanced features of LMN’s mobile timesheet app.

In this video, you’ll learn how to switch tasks, add employees quickly, mark staff as late/absent and more.


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