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Set jobs using using LMN Time and stop worrying about anything falling through the cracks. Gone are the days when paperwork once ruled the cab of your truck! Our software will help you keep tan eye on projects each and every step of the way.
Watch it all happen in front of you.
LMN Time helps you keep track of jobs.


Step 1: Jobs Screen

A brief overview of the Jobs screen within LMN Time and how to create Jobs from your LMN Estimates or from scratch.

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Step 2: Job Info

The Job Info screen contains basic information pertaining to your Job in LMN Time. This video will cover additional features such as tagging the GPS coordinates for your Job site, as well as attaching digital files/folders for your crews to access out on the field.

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Step 3: Tasks

Task are used by the LMN Time app to break a job down into specific areas; for your crew to track their time against. If you want more detail than just estimated vs. actual hours on the job as a whole, tasks are your vehicle to break a job down by smaller segments and to track estimated vs. actual hours across each one.

Help Desk

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Step 4: Job Rates

Billing Rates can be set up for jobs where customers are charged by-the-hour or at a fixed rate, instead of a contracted price. These rates can be adjusted on-the-fly to meet your needs, when added to a job. Billing reports can then be generated to help expedite invoicing your customers.

Help Desk

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Step 5: Using Services & Activities

Services are a very important feature in LMN Time as they allow you to track what was completed on a job. While activities will allow you to track certain material quantities that were used on a job. You simply clock out of a job, and LMN Time will ask you if that service was completed, and if so, how much material was used on that job. Both of these items can then be used to track what you need to bill your customer.

Help Desk

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Step 6: Daily Dashboard

Activities can be set up to track ‘events’ (billable or non-billable) above and beyond their hours logged to a Task. An Activity can be used as a simple ‘yes-no’ checklist (ie. a site inspection) or as detailed as tracking bulk material usage (and apply billable rates, where necessary).

Your crews will be able to mark which Activities have been completed and enter quantities (where applicable) directly on their mobile devices. Once their timesheets have been submitted, Billing reports can be generated to track these Activities and expedite invoicing your customers for extra services.

Help Desk

  • Using Activities To Track Completed Work, Services, or Materials Used In LMN Time - VIEW
Step 7: Payroll Tab

This is where you can set up a Job to use a particular Payroll Code outside of the default one (ie. Prevailing wage job), if applicable.

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Step 8: Job Groups

Job Groups help organize your Jobs into related lists or routes, for a more efficient way for your crews to find their Jobs. The Route Optimization tool will also help you map the most efficient route for them. There are numerous reports that can also be driven off of these Job Groups.

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Step 9: Managing Jobs

LMN Time helps you and your company manage jobs on time and on budget. Track job progress in real time, and run instant reports on job hours to date, extra billable work and more.

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