Advanced: LMN Time - Staff Setup

Set up staff and assign them to groups, then track them without worry using LMN Time. No more calling crew members to see where they are or how things are going. You've got better things to do, like managing a successful business.
You can see it all in real time.
LMN Time helps you keep track of staff.


Step 1: Staff

Employees added under the Staff section are for your employees who need access to the LMN Time administrator page and/or the mobile app for Timetracking.

The different User Types will also be explained, as well as what areas of LMN they will have access to.

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Step 2: Staff Groups

Staff Groups can be created to help organize your employees, and make life easier for your Foremen to find staff when creating Timesheets.

Help Desk

  • Creating/Managing Your Staff Groups Within LMN Time - VIEW
Step 3: Crew Locations & Progress

Crew Locations allows you to see what Jobs your crews are currently clocked into on a visual map.

Crew Progress allows you to track the progression of Jobs that your crews have visited throughout their day on a visual map. You can toggle by crew, by date, and cross-reference their actual clock-in locations (via GPS timestamps) versus the job locations.

Help Desk

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  • Using ‘Crew Locations’ To Track My Employees Progress During Their Shifts - VIEW
Step 4: Where Are They?

This screen allows you to view what Job and Task each employee is currently clocked into. An indicator will also flag whether or not their clock-in was actually done onsite based on their GPS coordinates upon clock-in. Where Are They? allows you to capture a quick glance of where your employees are and what they are currently doing.

Help Desk

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Step 5: Daily Dashboard

Daily Dashboard allows users to track the Jobs, Tasks and clock-ins/outs of specific employees. This feature can be viewed both from the Administrative browser page and through the LMN Time mobile app. Owner/operators, Managers and/or Lead Foremen, can make use of this feature to keep tabs on employees of their choosing.

Help Desk

  • Using ‘Daily Dashboard’ To Track My Employees Progress During Their Shifts - VIEW


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