Advanced: LMN Time - Timesheets Setup

Track timesheets the easy way using LMN Time. No more file folders or unnecessary administrative work! Not to mention much greater accuracy and time tracking - and who wouldn't want that!
Welcome to the new way to track time.
LMN Time helps you keep track of timesheets.


Step 1: Edit Timesheets

An overview of the Edit Timesheet screens shows the different functions you can perform on this screen.

LMN Time Administrators can edit timesheets and view current- active and submitted timesheets for a given time period or search for specific timesheets that relate to any job or employee.

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Step 2: Dashboard & Latest Activity

The Dashboard screen provides you with an at-a-glance view of Started Timesheets vs Submitted, Foremen without Timesheets, and Jobs that overbudget on hours.

As the name suggest, Latest Activity, provides you with a list of the latest events that have been logged by your crews.

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Step 3: Approve Timesheets

A walkthrough of how to audit, review, and approve your Timesheets.

Timesheets that have been manually entered or edited will be flagged and brought to the attention of your Administrators.

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Step 4: Timesheet Warnings

LMN Time reviews your timesheet and prompts your administrators to review timesheets that may have approval issues. Here, we show how the system looks for timesheets that have been started and not submitted, and also for timesheets where the employees have skipped their lunch deduction.

Help Desk

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Step 5: Payroll Warnings

Payroll Warnings ensure your timesheets are accurate. It will look for timesheets where employees have exceeded a certain number of hours per day, and also look for employees who were possibly missed being tracked.

Help Desk

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