Advanced: LMN Time - Web Training

Start navigating LMN Time on the web and set your business up for success! Learn to login and set things up, complete a timesheet and when you're ready, navigate through advanced tasks.
Make it easy and make it right.
Harness the power of the web!

Web Training

Step 1: Login & Setup

Training video for LMN Time, the timesheet software for landscape crews.

Watch this video first. It covers the basics of getting to the website, logging in and setting up your crew.

Step 2: Completing a Timesheet

This video guides field crews through the basics of adding a timesheet and job(s) in LMN’s timesheet software.

For more advanced tasks, like switching tasks, tracking extras and more, see the Completing a Timesheet (Advanced) video.

Step 3: Advanced Tasks

This video guides field crews through some of the more advanced features of LMN’s mobile timesheet software.

Tutorials include: how to edit a task’s time, how to switch tasks to correct a mistake, how to track extra-billable activities and how to delete a timesheet that was a mistake.


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