Advanced: Scheduling

When it comes to running your landscaping business, Scheduling is as important as it gets. Trying to manage jobs, crews & paperwork while ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget can be incredibly tough. Luckily, we've got a few ways to make it easier.
Quit digging around your truck for that notepad!
Start scheduling your work the right way.


Step 1: Intro to Scheduling

Here’s an introduction to the basic features of LMN’s scheduling software, giving you a quick overview of how to setup the defaults for landscape construction scheduling, landscape maintenance scheduling, or even scheduling for more variable work such as lawn care or snow and ice.

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Step 2: Setting Up Holidays

This video shows you how to setup working holidays in LMN’s landscape scheduling software. You’ll see a warning come up if you schedule work on a holiday. You’ll be allowed to schedule work on any day, but you will see a visual warning that there is work scheduled on a working holiday.

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Step 3: Scheduling Crews

LMN’s landscape scheduling software uses Schedule Crews to schedule which person(s) are going to do the work. IT schedules work for crews, rather than specific employees, so that if there are no-shows or last minute changes to the workload, your schedule isn’t tied to any one specific foreman.

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Step 4: Service Types

Service types allow you to plan exactly what service(s) you are going to perform while at the site, and the crews will tick off whether they were completed, or not. Then you can run reports on what was scheduled, what was completed, and what services are running overdue.

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Step 5: Work Calendars

Work Calendars are used to make our landscape scheduling software faster and easier to use. You can setup default settings for different types of work (e.g. construction, installation, maintenance, turf care, enhancements, irrigation and more.

Work calendars allow you setup default colors, drivetime settings, schedule templates and much more so that you can schedule new jobs in just a few clicks of the mouse.

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  • Setting Up Your Recurring Work Calendars Within LMN Time - VIEW


Step 1: Construction Jobs

Scheduling construction or installation jobs is quick and easy with LMN’s scheduling tool.

Once you’ve finished building your estimate in LMN Estimating, import the estimate into LMN Time (or just create it in LMN Time if it didn’t have an estimate).

From there, the scheduler will guide you through a quick wizard that will help you estimate the time the job should take, including variables like:

  • Estimated man hours
  • Assigned crew and crew size
  • A buffer for weather, mistakes, etc.
  • Productive (job) time vs. unproductive (driving/setup) time each day
Step 2: Construction Schedule

This video shows how LMN Time and scheduling software creates quick and easy-to-edit schedules for landscape construction and/or installation type work.


Step 1: Maintenance Scheduling

Here’s an overview of how LMN’s Timesheet and Scheduling software for landscape contractors schedules service and maintenance type work. You can setup multiple recurring calendar type templates to track your work, setup specific visit types to track exactly what services were performed, and it syncs with our mobile timesheet software to update you of the status of each job in real time.

Step 2: Lawn Care Scheduling

LMN’s timesheet and landscape scheduling software can also schedule lawn care type work – or any work where the schedule is not exactly predictable on any specific date.

Step 3: Recurring Service Work

LMN’s scheduling software for landscape contractors makes it simple to schedule recurring service calendars for work such as mowing, grounds maintenance, turf maintenance and more.

You can setup predefined ‘visit patterns’ or schedule templates which can tell a job exactly when to start and how often it gets done. Jobs can have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly patterns, and they can even switch from bi-weekly to weekly at a given point in the year if your climate requires that type of service.

Step 4: Irregular Service Work

Landscape contracts such as mowing and property maintenance are easy to schedule, as the services happen at very predictable intervals (e.g. weekly). But there’s plenty of other work that is recurring, but doesn’t fall into a ‘regular’ predictable schedule.

LMN’s scheduling tool allows you to create calendars and scheduling templates for work that occurs multiple times per year at irregular intervals. Fertilizing, grub control, pruning and other work can be scheduled at custom intervals using a recurring schedule.


Step 1: Unschedulable Work

Scheduling some work like mowing is simple, because the frequency of work is so predictable. What’s really tough is scheduling unpredictable work like snow and ice.

You want to build routes and crew assignments for snow and ice, but since you don’t know when it’s going to snow, you can’t add it to a calendar. LMN’s Unscheduled Routes tool allows you to setup pre-defined routes of sites and tasks. You can order them in the exact order you want, or you can use our Route Optimizer to automatically calculate the most efficient driving order. Adding a route to a crew’s schedule on the day/night of an event is now done in just 3 simple clicks.

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Step 1: Daily Whiteboard

LMN’s landscape scheduling software works for landscape maintenance, mowing, turf care, installation, enhancements, irrigation and other types of work. For day to day changes, the Daily Whiteboard is a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to quickly and easily organize today’s visits by crew. It also includes a Route Optimizer that will automatically calculate the most efficient route for each crew, based on the sites assigned that day.

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Step 2: Editing Visits

The edit visit screen allows you make changes to a specific job’s specific day or schedule. Here, you can make changes to assigned crew, working hours, man hours remaining and much more. The Edit Visit screen make it quick and painless to revise a job’s schedule when things don’t go exactly as planned.

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Step 3: Schedule Review

The schedule review screen in LMN’s landscape scheduling software makes it quick and easy to find scheduled visits that are either:

    • Overdue
    • Completed
    • Skipped
    • Scheduled in the future

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can see work that’s been completed each day, what’s scheduled for tomorrow, and what might have gotten missed yesterday.

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