Trails: Construction

LMN is a versatile tool that can handle just about any aspect of your business. Construction work can be pretty involved to say the least. Why not take advantage of an easier way? With our software, we make construction project management a snap.
Get back to building and creating beautiful things.
LMN is here for your landscape construction work!


Step 1: Construction Work

LMN’s landscape estimating software for construction and installation jobs not only helps you build estimates faster, it ensures your estimates cover your company’s costs, overhead and desired profit. Print proposals for customers in a variety of different formats, and generate job planners for the crews, all from one simple screen.


Step 1: Jobs

This video gives you an overview of the main features of LMN Time, and how to set up a construction job.

Step 2: Managing Jobs

LMN Time helps you and your company manage jobs on time and on budget. Track job progress in real time, and run instant reports on job hours to date, extra billable work and more.


Step 1: Scheduling

This video shows how LMN Time and scheduling software creates quick and easy-to-edit schedules for landscape construction and/or installation type work.


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