Trails: Snow

Snow management can be a nightmare. Weather can change at the drop of a hat and before you know it, you need every crew member you've got on the road to handle the most recent storm. With LMN you can manage the chaos with ease!
Embrace the winter and watch your snow management business flourish!
Tackle snow without fear.


Step 1: Estimating & Budgeting

This video will guide you through the process of using your operating budget and pricing system to estimate snow and ice for greater profit.

Step 2: Estimating

This video will guide you through the process of using your operating budget and pricing system to estimate snow and ice for greater profit.


Step 1: Setting Up Tasks

A quick video on how to setup tasks for snow contracts.

LMN’s timesheet app for the smart phone allows snow crews to clock in to sites, track time for payroll and track services performed like salt applications, plowing and more.

Step 2: Setting Up All-Inclusive Jobs

This short video will guide you through how to setup a job in LMN Time to track time and services for all-inclusive snow and ice contracts.

Step 3: Setting Up By-The-Push Jobs

This video covers how to setup snow jobs for those who bill by-the-push. It will cover simple setup (just tracking a plow) as well as advanced setup for those who want to track different plow thresholds (e.g. 0-2″, 2-4″, etc.)

Step 4: Billed-By-The-Hour Jobs

This video covers how to setup LMN Time jobs for any snow contracts that are charged by-the-hour. Watch this video to find out how to setup LMN Time for hourly services, whether its all, or part of the contract thats billed hourly.

Step 5: Salt Tracking

This video will cover how LMN Time can track salt – both by the application or by the ton/bag.

Step 6: Live Field Tracking

LMN Time brings all the action in the field back to you live. Find out where your crews are, which sites have been hit and what services have been completed, live and in real-time. Manage better. Serve your customers better. Watch this video for more.

Step 7: Live Staff Tracking

With LMN Time’s mobile timetracking app, all your crews’ data is live. That means you can see where everyone is, when everyone clocked in, and their GPS co-ordinates each and every time they clock in or out of a site or their timesheet. Watch this video to see exactly how it works.

Step 8: LMN Time and Snow & Ice Management

Learn how to setup your jobs for contract, hourly or a combination of billings. Setup your staff and see LMN Time from their view on the LMN Time app. This video also touches on JobsiteWatch – an app for your clients so that they can track your jobs in real-time.


Step 1: Unschedulable Work

Scheduling some work like mowing is simple, because the frequency of work is so predictable. What’s really tough is scheduling unpredictable work like snow and ice.

You want to build routes and crew assignments for snow and ice, but since you don’t know when it’s going to snow, you can’t add it to a calendar.

LMN’s Unscheduled Routes tool allows you to setup pre-defined routes of sites and tasks. You can order them in the exact order you want, or you can use our Route Optimizer to automatically calculate the most efficient driving order. Adding a route to a crew’s schedule on the day/night of an event is now done in just 3 simple clicks.


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